Doja Cannabis Farm has been a growing Mail-order Marijuana dispensary (MoM) since 2016. Our reviews are great (mostly) and our reputation has put it the short-list for top MoMs in USA! 

We’re known as the Ca Online Dispensary that everyone is raving about for hash product selection. In fact, we would say we carry the biggest variety in the whole country. Other strong competitors may have 8 different hash strains, but we’ve got 60+ strains and another 24 flavoured types! Our flower game is just strong — we aim for variety. Instead of buying large quantities of a few strains, we buy small lots from all over BC to ensure we get a wide range of fresh flowers.

Why Shop at Doja Cannabis Farm

To show how much we care about our clients, we don’t chintz-out on anything. We like to weigh heavy when packing orders so you get a little bit more. Sometimes we’ll throw in freebies just to show our appreciation.  And if an order does go ‘missing’ somewhere along the delivery chain, we’ll refill and reship it at no extra charge! Now you know why people call us one of the best  Online Dispensaries? You may be wondering, “why do we do such things?”. Well, it’s because most of our staff are pot-lovers too who have experienced the ups and downs of buying weed. We learned from our own experiences and want to make the buying weed process stress-free, enjoyable, and fun for you.  

Doja Cannabis Farm, we like to test the products ourselves too! When we offer product advice,  it’s honestly based on our own user-experience, feedback from clients, and information provided by the producer… so yes, we know our Ganga well! Each cannabis product is meticulously tested, whether they be different strains, edibles, CBDs, topicals, vapes, or concentrates. If we don’t like them or feel they don’t deliver the kind of benefits we expect… we don’t sell them. Simple!  

At Doja Cannabis Farm our goal is to deliver the best weed products at a good price, in a timely fashion, and with as little stress as possible. We’re only happy when you’re happy!

How to Order Marijuana Products from Organic Doja Cannabis Farm our Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary:

1) Create an account (provide real info, we keep it safe and secure. False info will not get you an account)

2) Place your order (we strive to prepare and ship orders placed and paid for before noon PST the same business day. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship the next business day)

3) Provide payment via e-transfer (credit cards not accepted at this time)

4) Check your email for tracking info (**as a new policy we will send the tracking number to the customer shortly after the order has been processed. If the order has been processed on the weekend, after business hours or over a holiday the tracking information will not show up in the Canada Post system until the following business day between 3-6pm PST)

5) Receive your order (and prepare to fly high)